What's My House Worth in Today's Real Estate Market in the Greater Lansing Area?

There are many ways to help determine the fair market value for your house. Most Professional REALTORS develop a better reputation by providing technology, combined with local knowledge, real estate facts, and input, that helps to educate you, the consumer about solving your challenges in today’s market conditions. Yes, the real estate market has improved substantially, however Greater Lansing, Michigan is not the same as Reno Nevada, Austin Texas, or other hotspots around the country.

The Greater Lansing REALTORS have several tools to help you determine the value of your home. The first one is called RPR or REALTOR Property Resource.  RPR is  designed to be a single source for in-depth property information, including public records, details of prior transactions, zoning restrictions, school district data, and transfer-tax information and much more. Because GLAR participates with RPR, it can be seamless for our members that know how to use it properly. RPR Provides a Seller Report, a Property Report and a Market Report. I like the idea of searching any house, anywhere, anytime right from my smartphone.

I also use a program called Tool Kit CMA that presents my qualifications and services, as well as the property data and photos, in an attractive, compelling, and uniform style.  My services also include a built-in option for listing presentations and flyers to be easily created, formatted and retrieved for live presentation on a tablet device, laptop computer or sent via email link, as well as viewed in a mobile friendly format on smartphones.

If you would like to learn more about the market values in your neighborhood or anywhere else in the USA, just  drop me a note.

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