Congratulations! You are on you way to home ownership! I am here to help you achieve this tremendous goal. It's a big decision and you owe it to yourself to have buyer representation. The listing agent represents the seller and has the seller's interest in mind. Why wouldn't you use the aid of a Licensed Real Estate Professional, on your side, to ensure you get a fair deal?


Have you been pre-approved by a lender? If not, you'll want to contact your lender right away. In this market, properties that are priced right can sell very fast. Additionally, you wouldn't want to fall in love with a the home only to find out you can't afford it. It's better to meet with an experienced, professional, lender to help you decided which of the multiple mortgage options they offer works best for you. Contact me if you you'd like a few recommendations for lenders that have impressed me with their service and professionalism. 

Are you a cash buyer? That certainly makes the process faster. All you will need to provide upfront in most cases would be documents showing proof of funds. This can be as simple as a bank statement or official bank letter stating the offered amount is available. If the funds you intend to use aren't 'on hand', you will want to consider transferring them to your account right away due to possible delays in processing.


In most cases you can have the benefit of Buyers Agency at absolutely no commission cost to you. As a Buyer's Agent I will lead you smoothly through the purchase process. Whether you are an active Real Estate Investor or a 1st Time Buyer, you'll benefit from working with BRANDON START. Buying Real Estate can be confusing at times, but Brandon Start will take the time to answer questions and keep buyers informed at all times. 

He can arrange for listings to be emailed directly to you immediately as they become available. Real Estate websites can sometimes be 3-5 days or more behind. When you have signed BUYER'S AGENCY AGREEMENT, you benefit from access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings from over 100 different Real Estate companies in the Greater Lansing Area.  

Once you find a property you want to see, Brandon Start, can guide you through a private showing. When you write an offer, he will negotiate to get you the fairest price possible on your next home or investment property.


Once an offer is accepted you'll want to have some inspections done to ensure you are making a sound investment. There are three basic types. A General Home Inspection is conducted by an inspector of your choosing. This inspection is basic inspection of roof condition, plumbing, electrical, structural, heating, cooling among other things. A Pest Inspection checks the property for signs of wood eating insects as well as other invaders from the animal kingdom. RADON is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that occurs naturally in the soil. It is said to be the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer. A RADON Inspection can let you know if there is an issue and if a mitigation system should be installed. Check with your inspector for a specific list of all the inspections they offer as well as pricing.


When it comes time to finalize the transaction Brandon Start will be there to represent you as well. The goal in all transactions is to have all parties happy at close. He does everything in his power to make this happen. As a Full Time, Full Service REALTOR Brandon Start believes in being there for clients before, during and after the sale

Brandon Start

Brandon Start

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