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Top 3 Best Smart Home Devices Main Photo

Top 3 Best Smart Home Devices

Posted: July 10, 2019 by Matthew Hillier

The “smart home” space can be a little overwhelming for any homeowner. The good news is, the term “smart home” is very versatile and there are many simple smart home devices and systems in place today. If you are thinking about adding smart devices to your home, chances are you have many questions regarding price, value, how complicated these systems are, etc. Check out these top 3 best smart home devices to ease your mind and prepare you to dive into the smart home world.

#1 Amazon Alexa
Alexa is one of the most well-known smart devices in households today. Alexa is conveniently priced on the lower end of most smart home devices and can be used for various purposes. Alexa also stands above the competitors by having the most third-party integrations of any smart system, enabling you to incorporate other smart devices into your home such as Nest and Schlage- meaning Alexa can work with that device to lock your doors, adjust your home’s temperate and more!

#2 Google Assistant 
Google Assistant come in at a close second after Alexa. Google Assistant is great for analytics, responding to questions and completing commands that even Alexa can’t. If you tell Google Assistant “I don’t like this song,” Google will automatically change the song, whereas Alexa does not have the ability to support that command. Google Assistant can also integrate with some other smart home products such as Nest and Belkin.

#3 Wink Hub 2
Wink Hub 2 is known for being the “smart home device designed for the mainstream consumer.” Wink does not have brand loyalty, which allows you to pick from other smart brands and use them together effortlessly. Wink Hub 2 is great for using with Bluetooth, LE, Wi-Fi, and is especially great in a smart home kitchen to sync with appliances.

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