Things to Include on Your “Want” List

Every home is unique and comes with its own features that you may or may not love about it. Of course, you’re going to know the basic needs you need in a home like how many bedrooms and bathrooms it should have, finding the perfect location, and buying within your price range. But what about things you want in your dream home but don’t necessarily need? Consider these bonuses you might want to include in your future home purchase.

Basement. Looking for extra storage space or a place to put your man cave? If you think you might outgrow the top levels of your home, you might want to find a home that can give you space for more rooms or extra lounging area.

Working fireplace. Do you think a home feels warmer with a real fireplace in it? If you’re in dire need of cozy nights by the fire, tell your agent this feature should be put on the top of your list.

Formal dining room. If you think you literally need more rooms to grow into, consider adding a formal dining room to your “need” list. If you are comfortable fitting a table in the kitchen and aren’t trying to clean another room, this is something you can look past on your quest!

Big driveway and sidewalk. Some areas don’t have sidewalks to walk on. Are you planning on having children? You might feel safer living in an area with paved roads and sidewalks for them to play on. Are you a car fanatic? A big driveway could be the answer to your problems.

Pool. Love them or hate them, many homes in Michigan have pools to relax in during our sometimes scorching summers. If you’re worried about the dangers that come with a pool, leave it off your list! If you love going for a swim in the warm summer air, tell your agent, but be aware that it will increase the price of homes on the market.

Contact one of our agents to help you find a home that meets all of your wants and needs!