Surprise! Successful Retirement Party for Bob and Theresa Hubbell

This was a very special week for us at CBHB! This past Tuesday, CEO John North threw a surprise retirement party for our outgoing CEO Bob Hubbell and his wife, Theresa Hubbell.


"Bob and his wife Theresa have played a significant role in not only the lives of our employees, but countless others in the greater Lansing area," John said. "As the new CEO of CBHB, I hope to build on the foundation Bob has created over the past 50 years."


Over 150 CBHB employees and agents gathered to congratulate the couple for their outstanding dedication and leadership throughout the years.

Before the party, Bob said he got a little hint of what was going on when he and Theresa pulled into The Country Club of Lansing on a Tuesday night to see a full parking lot. That particular club is where Theresa used to throw some Christmas parties. Bob expressed that seeing everyone dressed up brought back a lot of great memories.


Bob will be retiring at the end of December, and Theresa will be leaving after January in the new year. Bob has been planning his retirement since last April, and feels that after over 50 years in the business, he is entitled to some downtime. Though he will be retired, he will still regularly be involved in many outside business activities.


“I’ve always told my wife my exit strategy was a funeral, so I’ve progressed a little bit beyond that now,” Bob chuckled.


Bob began his journey in real estate as a one-man show with a $500 loan from a mentor in 1968, and has now been a REALTOR® for 51 years with his own brokerage for 48 years. These amazing accomplishments were made even greater with Theresa’s help.

“She’s been a real asset to me. We’ve been married for 32 years now, and she’s been involved with the company all that time,” said Bob. “I think they’ll miss her more than they miss me.”


Bob is hopeful that by next winter he and Theresa will be somewhere other than Michigan. He does not have many retirement plans, but is hoping to spend some more time relaxing at their place in Saugatuck, MI.


“I think it’s a tribute to Bob that he has been in this leadership role for this many years. I think that his retirement is well-deserved. I congratulate him, and wish Bob and Theresa nothing but the best,” said Bill MacLeod, CBHB President.

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