Newlywed Considerations When Buying a Home

Marriage is a big transition and will come with many adjustments to your lifestyle. One of the biggest changes during your marriage will be your home. If you're moving in together after the wedding, these are the things you need to take into account as newlyweds:

The Area You Want To Live

This is one of the most important decisions to make. How far will your commutes to work be? Is the location a safe neighborhood? If you already have children or know you will in the future, you'll also want to consider the school districts in the area. 


It's not you by yourself anymore. Decide on the right size house for you and your spouse, and also keep in mind the option for children or extended family visits. Think of your lifestyle, too. If you're a couple that enjoys inviting people over often, entertaining space will be important to have in a home. If you love cooking, finding a home with a suitable kitchen should be a necessity. 

Bath Layout

Shared bathroom? Multiple bathrooms? What is your preference? Additions are usually possible to homes, but can be pricey. Keep that in mind for the future. 

Additional Expenses

Consider the taxes, utility payments, heating and cooling, general repairs to the home, cutting the grass, etc. when choosing a home. A large yard and lack of patience for lawn maintenance is not a good mix.