Mid-Michigan Move: The Best of Lansing

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Lansing is the capital of the State of Michigan and is located mostly in Ingham County with some parts spreading to Eaton County and Clinton County. Lansing is the fifth largest city in Michigan with over 114,500 residents, and spans across 36.68 square miles. The city is known as the centerpiece of Mid-Michigan, and is home to both The Grand River and the Red Cedar River.


Downtown Lansing is home to loads of hustle and bustle. New restaurants, retail shops, boutiques, and residential developments have helped Downtown blossom into a flourishing place. The city’s major industries include government, education, insurance, banking, healthcare, and automotive. Lansing has 17 districts, including the ever popular Old Town, REO Town, Stadium District, and Washington Square neighborhoods. Each district has its own unique atmosphere with plenty of things to do.


The Lansing Public School District serves 11,000 students in 27 buildings spread throughout the area. It covers 52 miles and is the fifth largest school district in Michigan. The district is a part of the Lansing Promise, which is “an award offered to graduates of public and private schools within the Lansing School District boundaries [that] provides the financial assistance necessary to obtain a two-year degree or its equivalent at an eligible school,” according to the district’s website. Lansing Community College and Michigan State University are also both in the area for post-secondary education.


The Michigan State Capitol building, the Lansing City Market, the Lansing Art Gallery, the Potter Park Zoo, and the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame are just a few of the many notable attractions the city has to offer. Lansing is also home to many annual parades and music festivals that are popular with both residents and visitors. The Lansing Lugnuts are the city’s minor league baseball team, and watching them at Cooley Law School Stadium is always a fun and affordable way to spend the night out.


With the arts, historic sites, entertainment, shopping, sports, agriculture, attractions, and many places to eat, there is something for everyone in Lansing. However, Lansing isn’t all about city life. There are many residential areas for homes that give you a suburban feel while still allowing close access to the life and heart of the city.


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