Make Your Home Look Bigger in 5 Easy Ways

 These are a few tricks that can make a room seem bigger than it is. 

1. Try painting or adding wallpaper 

Adding paint or wallpaper to a room can give off the illusion that it is bigger. Not sure why? It's because the color or pattern will play tricks on your eyes. The pattern and colors will bring their attention upward, making the room seem longer.

2. Avoid Dark Colors

Dark colors absorb light instead of reflecting it. Light colors will make the room feel airy and bright. Airy and bright = the illusion of more space.

3. Leave space between the walls and furniture 

This is one you probably haven't thought of before. Creating some depth between the wall and your furniture gives off the illusion that there is something in between. 

4. Leave windows uncovered for more depth

Think about this one before you uncover every window in your house. You probably don't want the sun glaring into your eyes every Saturday morning. But your living room can benefit without some curtains. Leaving windows uncovered creates more depth - and lets more light in, creating the illusion of a bigger space! It's just that easy. 

5. Mirrors

It's all smoke and mirrors to make a room look bigger. Place a mirror across from a window to reflect light or place a mirror behind a table to make it look like there is space tucked behind it.