How to De-Clutter Your Home

For some, spring may be too far away to begin a thorough cleaning of your house. Maybe you are in desperate need of some change or want to get rid of some things you don’t need any more to make way for the new. Whatever the situation may be, here are a few suggestions to make your home, and life, a little tidier.


Get rid of what you don’t need. It is easier said than done, but you need to decide whether your clutter serves an actual purpose in your life, or if it is just taking up space. It’s hard to part with our belongings, but if some of the clutter you have has not and will not be used any time in the foreseeable future, it might be time to toss it. This is a courageous act, but you will feel so much better once it’s gone.


Take your house one room at a time. Unless you need to get it done in a day, it’s okay to take your time when deep-cleaning and de-cluttering. Many items may need some thoughtful consideration about where they should go next, and it’s okay to sleep on these decisions before you make them. The amount of clutter you have to deal with will also seem much less overwhelming if you go through it in smaller portions.


Store things you want to sell. With the current winter weather and holiday season coming up, it is not the best time to have a garage sale to get rid of some clutter. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t store the items you want to sell for a later date! That way, when you’re ready to sit outside and get some cash for your clutter in the spring, it will be all ready to go after you pull it out from your attic or basement.


Give your junk drawers meaning. After you de-clutter a junk drawer, consider giving it a new name or purpose so it doesn’t become that junk-filled or cluttered again. For example, you can have one drawer for your writing utensils, and another drawer for coupons and receipts to keep things a little more organized.


Organize what you have left with containers and organizers. Now that you’ve thrown out and stored the clutter that needed to go, you can take things one step further to organize the stuff you have decided to keep. Labeling containers and storing them in closets or cabinets will really help to keep things safely packed away while making your home look neater than ever. Using drawer organizers will also help to clean the drawers in your home so you can find things easier with less stress.


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