Hoops & Home: a slam dunk!

The latest Coldwell Banker advertising campaign, called "Hoops", tells the story of a young boy whose family is moving. The family stands in the driveway of a listing while the boy shows a clear disinterest in moving. When the Coldwell Banker agent sees the boy is wearing a basketball jersey, he recommends putting up a basketball hoop and suggests that friends are easy to find in the neighborhood when you have a good game. This gives the boy hope as he considers a new home. Later, we see the boy and his friends playing basketball in the driveway of the new home until his mom calls him in for dinner. The ad closes with the theme line "Dedicated to the love of people and home since 1906."

The commercial sets up the agent as the hero, but not in the transactional, "handing-over-the-keys" way. Instead, the agent is the hero who helps a family find and unlock the true value of home through understanding the needs of the whole family, including the boy.

Where to Watch

"Hoops" will run primarily around Men's College Basketball Tournament, which is perfectly aligned with spring selling season. To see the ad, tune into CBS, TBS, TNT and Tru in the first round of the tournament as well as the Sweet 16 through the Finals. Additionally, it will be streaming online on March Madness Live for the duration of the tournament. This will also be supported online via social media activation.