Home Stage Like A Pro

Getting ready to sell your home? What do you know about staging? Your Realtor has probably mentioned this to you, and if you're in the dark about it, staging is setting up the furniture in your home in a way that will please any potential buyers. 

1. Make bedrooms appealing to everyone

Whether it's just a husband and wife or a family of multiple generations looking at a home, the bedrooms need to appeal to everyone. Nix any gender-specific colors that could turn off someone to the room. They need to be able to visualize themselves in it. While a child may not be deciding on the home, the parents will look for rooms they can see their children spending time in. 

2. Faux steel appliances 

Steel appliances are a huge want for many of today's buyers, but a lot of homes don't come with these pricey items. Don't feel guilty for not keeping up with the Jones's. A cost-efficient fix to this might be covering your appliance with a stainless steel stick on.

3. Curb appeal 

Give potential buyers an unforgettable first impression of your home with newly planted flowers, pavers, and a fresh coat of paint on the mailbox. 

4. Let there be light

No one wants to walk into a dark, cold home. Open up the curtains and try to put up lamps. There can never be too much light in your home.

5. Spare rooms

Every room should have a purpose, and a single one at that. If you have an extra room, throw in a bookshelf or desk. An empty room in a home can often confuse buyers.

6. Get rid of clutter

This is one of your most important steps in staging your home. Buyers will want to look at every nook and cranny in your home. Make sure to clean out each room, and put what you don't use every day in a specific storage area. Seeing a specific area for storage is also a selling point for potential buyers.

7. Take down personal photos

Pictures can be extremely distracting for potential buyers. 

8. Clean, clean, clean

A dirty home will distract buyers and cause them to miss out on all of the great features in your home. Rent a heavy duty carpet cleaner to get out any stains and leave your carpet looking like new. If you're not up to cleaning the place yourself, hire a professional to come in and do the work for you. It will help you sell your home!