Clean Up Your Yard for Spring with Call of Doody, LLC!

The air is feeling warmer and before we know it spring will be here! However, because of the melting snow and recent rain, it’s pretty wet and muddy outside. For those with pets, this can become a real issue when it comes to cleaning up dog waste in the backyard. Call of Doody, LLC is a residential and commercial canine waste management service, and we highly recommend it from our concierge list to meet all of your clean-up needs!

Call of Doody not only removes dog waste when you need them, they also take pride in educating their staff members and clients about the hazards of unattended dog waste, and work to remove the waste in a safe, sterile, and efficient manner.

Uncollected dog waste can cause bacteria, parasites, and diseases to linger and spread to animals and humans in the yard. Call of Doody also noted that dog waste is the third largest cause of water pollution in the United States. To protect your beloved pets and family members from tapeworm, roundworm, e. coli, and other invasive issues, get your waste removed today.

Call of Doody, LLC provides many service options for all kinds of dog owners at an affordable fare. You can sign up for weekly services, twice-a-week services, bi-weekly services, or a one-time yard clean depending on your needs.

For more information and removal service pricing, contact Call of Doody at (517) 481-3661 or via email at You can also check out their website at You won’t be disappointed, and don’t forget to mention Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood to receive a discount for your referral!

For inquiries about this company or other recommendations from our concierge service, please contact Linda VanAntwerp at (517) 699-6628 or

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