CBHB’s Operation Care Package

March was Military Appreciation Month, and we wanted to spend that time giving back to those who risk their lives for our country every day. Because of our passion for the military, we decided to join in with Operation Care Package.

Operation Care Package is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers dedicated to making sure that no deployed hero goes without mail or feels forgotten. The supply list on their website is full of wants and needs from the servicemen and women, and includes many more items than just food. Laptops, seasonal holiday wishes, and even musical instruments can be shipped overseas through the program.

Our relocation director Denise Maurer wanted to do something for our military men and women who serve our country because she has a son serving in the Army Reserves. Our agent Dan Cummings, who served in the military, mentioned Operation Care Package as an organization our company could assist with, and our Service Committee approved.

Throughout “Military March,” our agents collected 5 large bins full of different items ranging from canned food to board games and toiletries. We sent our boxes to an Operation Care Package location in the Chicagoland area where volunteers collect, sort, box, and send out packages all over the world.

CBHB celebrates our servicemen, past and present, and part of that celebration is honoring and helping these amazing people. Thank you to all of our agents who helped make this possible! If you would like to send a care package of your own, you can visit the Operation Care Package website for more information.