Are Roommates Right for You?

Living alone is very different from living with others. Some prefer to be alone and enjoy their quiet time, while others get lonely easily and prefer to always have something going on around them. Many people have wonderful roommate situations, but there are plenty of horror stories about living with uncooperative roommates. If you’re contemplating whether you should fly solo or live with others, here are some questions to ask yourself before you make the big decision.

Do you prefer to be alone? If you’re someone who enjoys alone time and feels at peace when things are calm around you, it might be better to live by yourself. This will give you better control of your surroundings and will probably make you feel more comfortable in your home. If you want to have someone always with you, consider getting a roommate or two.

Do you mind if others touch your belongings? If you’re someone who can’t stand when your things are touched, moved, or used by someone else, living alone may be the answer for you. Some roommates can unintentionally overstep boundaries and use your things because they feel that living together creates a bond between you. If that’s something you could not handle, live on your own.

Do you have the money to live alone? This might be the most important question on the list. If you really want to live alone but cannot afford it, try to tough it out for a few months and really save up while living with a roommate. This will allow for you to be on your own in a shorter amount of time and put you closer to your end goal.

Do you have any pet peeves? If you can’t stand people who leave dirty clothes on the floor or dishes in the sink, you may want to consider living alone unless you know exactly who you will be living with. If you are unfamiliar about the living habits of your potential roommate, create a list of wants and needs that you both have and make sure they align before you live together. Some people can be really tolerable, while others have a high breaking point—know what kind of person you are.

Do you need a lot of privacy? Privacy is another thing that differs from person to person. If you would feel uncomfortable having someone else in your home or having someone around when you’re doing daily activities, living alone is for you. If you’re looking for a partner in crime to spend every day with, grab a friend and move in together.

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