8 Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home

A warm front is headed our way within the next 10 days, and that means come creepy critters could start making their way into your home. Many bugs can be hard to see, but are still pesky enough to make you feel like your home has been invaded. Check out these tips to ensure that you and your family are safe from these tiny trespassers.

1. Seal your doors and windows properly. Small cracks and broken seals are basically asking bugs to enter your home. Make sure there are no openings they could fit in to keep them out!

2. Keep things clean. Vacuuming and sweeping up crumbs will give bugs one less reason to enter your home. If there are no messes for them to go after, why would they even bother?!

3. Throw food away. This applies to any pile of food you may have laying around your home. Food that is sitting out could be a huge target for bugs looking to invade your home, so make sure you get rid of any empty food containers, leftovers on the table, and dishes in the sink.

4. Take out the trash. Garbage cans are a huge jackpot for bugs roaming your home. Make sure you seal your trash bags tight and put them outside every week so insects don’t invade. Try keeping a trash can outside for food items, that way no food waste is in your home for bugs to feed on.

5. Secure your vents, pipes, chimney, and roof. Any cracks or small openings in these places are perfect places for bugs to crawl in. One day when it’s warm out, do an inspection of the outside of your home to make sure every part of your home is sealed.

6. Look out for water. This applies both inside and outside of your home. Puddles of water in your home and in your backyard can become breeding grounds for bugs if not taken care of quickly. Make sure you clean up any leaks and try to get proper drainage in your backyard to prevent these puddles.

7. Leave spiders alone. Spiders are a natural predator of other bugs like mosquitos and flies. If you can tolerate a few of these guys living in your home, they may serve as a free extermination service, and you can both benefit from their presence.

8. Call an exterminator. If the bugs in your home are beginning to be a problem, you may want to consider calling a pest removal service. If you’re in need of an extermination service, check out our recommendations below from our 2017 Concierge List:


Lonnie’s Pest Control

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Complete Inspection Services

Contact Dan Vanderstelt at danvanderstelt@yahoo.com or (517) 588-9869


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