Winter Projects For Your Home

Winter months in Michigan mean spending more time indoors. Beat your cabin fever this year with our winter projects to keep yourself busy, no mittens required!

Fix squeaky hinges - We've all got a door in our house that wreaks havoc throughout the house, especially at 2 in the morning when we get up for a glass of water. But fixing squeaky hinges take a matter of minutes. It can be as simple as spraying some WD-40 on the hinge. If you're opposed to the liquid spray, try home remedies like a bar of soap or vaseline. Spray or rub your product choice directly on the hinges/hinge pin for a quick fix. If these options don't work for your door, you may need to take out the hinge. Follow these steps here to remove.

Tighten loose handles on furniture, cabinets and doors - These fixes can take under five minutes of your time. So block off an afternoon and walk through each area of your house. Most can be set back in place with the help of a screwdriver. 

Repaint - Don't get stuck with the winter blues! Repaint walls in your home to increase your visual stimulation. Painting even one wall in a room can break you (and your home) out of a rut! Experts say the winter air is actually better for drying paint. In the chilly months, the air lacks humidity, ultimately speeding up the drying process.

Rusty shutoff valves - Most of us probably don't think to check under the sink or behind our toilets. Without proper care, these shutoff valves tend to rust. The longer you ignore them, the higher chance you have that it won't work when you need it to most. Fixing the rusted valves is as easy as spraying WD-40 on the shafts. If the shaft still seems to be stuck, attempt the process again, letting the product sit for more time. Voila! Good to go. 

Drain Hoses - Avoid returning home from work to a flooded house. Take the time to inspect any of the hoses in your washer, dishwasher or ice machine. If you see cracks or drips, repairing is necessary!

Clothes Dryer Vent - Failing to clean your clothes dryer vent leads to numerous problems. When we fail to clean the vents, the dyer can become sluggish and actually take longer to dry our clothes. Avoiding to clean the vent also leads to clogging and overheating. Clogging and overheating can cause a fire to start! To clean out the vent, pull the dyer out of the wall and disconnect the pipe. Once you've disconnected the pipe, take a vacuum and suck up any lint. Secure the pipe back in place. Note that you can also open up the front flap of your dryer and clean out any trapped lint.

Add Insulation - While winter may have already started, it's still not too late to add insulation! While this project may be more time consuming, it will save you money and energy in the long run. Plus, theres an added benefit to becoming eco-friendly. Heat rises, so start by adding more insulation to places like your attic.