Things to Update When Trying to Sell Your Home

The kitchen and bathrooms are the main selling points of any house. If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, these should be your areas of focus. Updating just a few things in those rooms can attract more buyers and give your home more value. Before putting your house up for sale, check out these areas to be sure buyers will love your home.


Countertops: Updated countertops are something almost every homebuyer is looking for. If you have the money to update just your counters in both your kitchen and bathroom, your house will look and feel much more enticing. Though granite and quartz are the most common, according to, laminate and butcher block are cheaper and easier to install. They come in all different colors and designs, and will give your home a high-end look without the high-end price.


Cabinets: With the updated countertops come new cabinets. These are not as necessary as new countertops if your current cabinets are in good condition, but again, if you find some that are a good price and look even better, adding them in will only bring more value to your home.


Flooring: A durable, good-looking floor will be another great selling feature of your home. Having a consistent type of flooring running throughout your house and into both your kitchen and bathrooms will make your home look bigger and more inviting. Buyers love hardwood, but that can get pricey. According to, laminate and vinyl are cheaper and easier alternatives to get the same look and feel for a smaller price.


Backsplash: The thing that ties everything in your kitchen together could be a backsplash, as long as you pick the right one. This isn’t something that you should pay for if you’re immediately moving out, but if you are renovating your kitchen and plan on being in it for a few more years, adding the backsplash will allow you to enjoy it while you’re there and make some extra money off it when you move.


Shower Tiling: Buyers are also interested in having an inviting and elegant shower. It’s a place to relax and unwind in your home. A nicely tiled shower can increase your selling price if you put some time and money into it. Generally, homeowners choose between porcelain or ceramic tiles. If you plan on being able to use the shower for a while, porcelain might be the choice for you because though it is more expensive, it is much more durable. However, if you’re renovating just to sell, the cheaper ceramic tile may be the right fit.


Once you've checked these areas and are ready to sell, be sure to contact one of our agents here!