The 2014 housing market 7 key predictions worth noting

Great news and notable stats shared by Bob Hubbell at yesterday's General Sales Meeting.

2013 saw a continued housing recovery that helped give the economy a needed lift.

Experts are predicting 2014 will see the recovery continue in a manner that is more

“steady as she goes” versus the extremes we have seen for several years.

The bottom line: 2014 is expected to be generally positive for borrowers and agents alike.

Here are some forecasting highlights:

1. Buying activity should increase. The percentage of consumers who intend to buy a home in the first six months of 2014 is

the highest since 2000. One factor among several: pent up demand by younger people who had not previously been in a position to buy. 1

2. Inventories will increase: Housing inventory reached new lows in 2013. A bright note: new construction

and rising home prices are expected to put more homes on the market (new and existing) in 2014. 2

3. Home prices will rise – but not at 2013’s rate. Home prices are expected to rise between 3% and 5% , not nearly the

level of increase seen in 2012. Higher mortgage rates and more housing supply are part of the reason. 2

4. Mortgage rates will continue to rise. Mortgage rates increased approximately a full percentage point in 2013 and

economists see that trend containing. It is generally expected rates will move slightly above 5% in 2014. 3

5. Foreclosures will continue to slow. This positive trend will continue in 2014. As of September 2013, foreclosure activity

was already down 33% from the end of 2012. 2

6. More homeowners will continue to return to positive equity. CoreLogic reports that almost 3.5 million

homeowners were lifted out of negative equity between the end of 2012 and mid-2013. 1 With prices expected to continue to rise, even at

a more modest pace, homeowners should continue to see their way to positive equity in 2014.

7. Some markets will see a boom due to a “moving” trend. Factors driving these moves: rising home prices and more

individuals who were previously underwater now in a positive equity position. 2

The new housing market normal. In sum, the housing market is expected to be more predictable in 2014 after a fairly volatile

ride in recent years. Most economists are seeing this “even keel” to be a sign that the market is adjusting itself, and that can be a very healthy

thing for agents, buyers and seller.


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