Six Things to Consider While House Hunting

After countless hours of HGTV and searching on the internet for your perfect home, you have probably either had no luck finding anything you like, or have 10 houses that you love but can’t decide between. Buying the right home really comes down to your personal style preferences, wants, and needs. This guide should help you narrow down your options to make house hunting simpler.


1. Do you care about owning land?

One really important thing to consider is the location of your house, because that is really the one thing you can’t change about it. Are you someone who wants a forest in their backyard? Looking to grow a large vegetable garden in your future? If so, a house on a few acres of land could be the answer to all of your problems. However, if you just want a backyard big enough for a small pool or a place to put your barbecue, a house in the suburbs might be best for you.


2. How close do you want to be to your neighbors?

If you are looking forward to meeting those around you and being involved in your community, you might want to live in a suburb. Those houses tend to physically be closer together, making it easier to get in contact with neighbors. If you enjoy sleeping to the sounds of the great outdoors without traffic, and don’t mind being alone, living in a house that is further away from town may be the answer for you.


3. Who will be living with you?

The amount of space you will need in the house depends on its number of occupants. Do you have any children? Will they have space to grow in the home? Pets are also often overlooked, but are important aspects of a household who also need room to run and play. Make sure you have enough room in the house of your choice for both the people in it, and all of the things you own!


4. How long do you plan to live in the house?

Is this house something temporary until you can save enough for your dream home, or do you plan to start a family here? If you plan to grow into the home and see yourself starting a family in it, remember to account for the extra room you will need to live happily and comfortably in the future.


5. Do you mind renovating?

As long as you don’t mind fixing things up, do not worry if you can’t immediately find your dream house. Cosmetic issues are easy to change and being able to fix things up in the house gives you an opportunity to turn it into exactly what you want in a home. If your budget will be able to handle the renovations, this could be a fun project to dive into.


6. Is the house close to your job?

Again, the location of your home is something that you cannot change, so be sure you are in an area that best suits your commute. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average drive to work is 25 minutes, so if the commute from your new house would be significantly higher than that, it might be time to start rethinking where you want to live. A shorter commute will save you time and money!