Pet Proofing Your Home

As the weather continues to get nicer, you might feel some puppy or kitten fever coming your way. It’s easier to potty train and exercise your animals with the warmer temperatures, which might explain why this seems to be the best time to adopt a new fur baby. April 29th was also free pet adoption day in almost 70 shelters across the state, which is a great reason to give a loving animal a home. If you’re a new pet owner, or are really considering becoming one, here are some tips for you!

1. Hide any cords or other chewable items. Puppies and kittens love to explore and chew on anything within reach! To ensure they stay safe, try to close off small areas, cover electrical cords, and pick up anything that could be hazardous to swallow.

2. Get a lid for your garbage can. Along with exploring, your new pets will love to eat! If they smell food, they will most definitely try to go after it. A lid on your garbage can will keep both your animals and your kitchen cleaner.

3. Consider getting a baby gate or crate for your pet. Setting boundaries for your pet as a baby will help train them and get them into good habits for when they’re full grown. Gating off some easy to clean areas for your pet during potty training will help things go smoother.

4. Fence in your yard. If you have an indoor cat you may not have to worry about this as much, but puppies will try to wiggle through any space to see some uncharted territory. A well-constructed fence with no holes will ensure your pet is safe in your yard.

5. Close off your bathrooms. Drinking out of toilets, or even falling into them, are some things you might not expect from your pets, but are always a possibility. Keep your animals from getting sick or injured by blocking your bathrooms off or keeping toilet seats closed.

6. Check the screens on your windows. Dogs and cats love to perch on the top of the couch to check out what’s going on outside. Make sure they stay indoors safely with secure screens and window panes.

7. Keep chemicals out of reach. Throughout our homes we use bleach, insect repellent, and other potentially dangerous chemicals every day that could harm our pets. Keep these poisonous items out of reach so they are not inhaled or swallowed.