Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

Most people think of spring cleaning as something that should be done inside, but it’s a great idea to take it one step further and go outdoors! On a warm spring day, you can boost your curb appeal by cleaning up some areas that usually go overlooked, and have the exterior of your home looking brand new.

Wash your windows. Through all of the rain, snow, and mud we took on this winter your windows might be looking a little rough. You can use some window cleaner on the glass parts and rinse your screens off with a hose. After that, you’ll be able to take advantage of the blooming spring views.

Clean out the gutters. This one is a little less rewarding than cleaning your windows, but it needs to be done nonetheless. Grab a ladder and some gloves and get to work clearing out the leaves, twigs, and other questionable items you might find up there. Your home will thank you.

Take on the garage. This could be an all day affair, but cleaning and organizing the garage will definitely make you feel better, and it can make things easier on you in the summer. Move all of your winter gear into the back, and bring things you use in the warm weather forward for easier access.

Plant some new flowers. This isn’t necessarily cleaning, but it can make your home look prettier and help brighten the mood inside and out.

Pressure wash your driveway. Get rid of weeds, moss, and grease on your driveway for a fresh start to the season. The exterior of your house could use a wash too, but make sure your paint or siding can handle the pressure before you spray!

Bring it to the backyard. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can bring those cleaning skills into the back. You can clean off your patio or deck, scrub the barbecue clean, and set up the outdoor furniture. When you’re done, take a seat and admire your hard work!