NYE Party Checklist

Are you thinking of having a New Year’s Eve party this year but are worried you might be unprepared? No worries, we have come to your rescue. With the right stuff, your house party can last even later than most clubs are open…if you want it to. Host an awesome NYE party and welcome 2017 with a bang with our NYE party checklist!


Clean House: You won’t be able to have a good time if you’re worried about the house being a mess. Cleaning today instead of tomorrow will cause you less stress and make the start of 2017 worry-free. If you’re looking for a local professional service, we recommend contacting Esmer’s Cleaning Service at (517) 763-5692 or Lisa’s Complete Cleaning at (517) 490-7759 from our 2016 Concierge List to assist you.


Hors D’oeuvres: A party is nothing without the food! Cheese and crackers, fancy lunch meat, even some cookies will keep all of your guests happy and full. Check out Country Living’s Effortlessly Festive NYE Party Appetizers for some quick and easy suggestions.


Champagne: No NYE party is complete without a little bubbly! See Marie Claire’s guide to Champagne this NYE for more tips about which kind suits you best, and what cool party favors can go along with it.


Hats/Accessories: Ringing in the New Year will not be complete without goofy hats, glasses, streamers, and confetti! Party City has an assortment of hats, glasses, necklaces, noisemakers, decorations, champagne flutes, tableware, and more for your party accessory needs.


Loved Ones: This might be the most important part of your party. Welcoming 2017 with the ones you love will surely set the year off to a good start. As long as you’re surrounded by a great group of people, whether it be big or small, your party will most definitely be a success.

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