Military Appreciation Month: Travis McKinney

March is Military Appreciation Month, and we wanted to take this time out to thank some of our agents who have served our country.

Travis McKinney joined the Marines when he was 20, and has been an infantryman for 23 years. Travis received two Purple Heart Medals during combat and is quite a remarkable Patriot. He had three tours in Iraq, one in Afghanistan, one in Pakistan, and spent a lot of time in Africa. He is technically still on active duty, and recently served in Latvia and Morocco. 

Travis has been with CBHB for almost a year now, and we are proud to have him and his wife, Sheena McKinney, on our team. Travis said he has always been interested in real estate because he enjoys helping people fulfill their dreams. Travis is a family man, first and foremost, and loves spending time with his 7-year-old daughter, Amelia. He loves giving her a lot of attention and says she is his best friend.

Travis is a trained UAS (Drone) instructor/operator and is fully licensed and insured by the FAA to commercially operate drones. These skills along with his U.S. Marine Corps training led him to start his own aerial drone photography business. High Angle Images provides wide angle/high resolution interior photography, 4K ultra high definition aerial photography, and Matterport 3-D immersive tours to enhance real estate market strategy.

CBHB celebrates our servicemen, past and present, and part of that celebration is honoring amazing people like Travis. Thank you for your service!