Know Your House Styles

Be an expert when you’re entering the home buying market with this guide!


Colonial: With evenly spaced shuttered windows, columns, and chimneys, a symmetric and formal style is standard on colonials.

../../Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202017-01-26%20at%2012.37.59%20PM.p Check out this beautiful colonial we have listed in Okemos, MI!


Contemporary: These homes try to connect the indoors and outdoors with a plethora of natural light and the use of sustainable materials to be energy-efficient.

 Take a look at this contemporary home listed in East Lansing, MI!


Craftsman: These homes emphasize natural materials like stone, brick, and wood while displaying low-pitched roofs and wide front porches.

../../Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202017-01-26%20at%2012.47.22%20PM.p See this stunning custom built craftsman we have listed in Bath, MI!


Mid-Century Modern: Open space, flat planes, and large glass windows help create a simplistic design while integrating nature. Many of these homes use steel and plywood to create the modern look.

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Ranch: Ranches are usually single or split-levels with open floor plans. These homes provide easy access to the outdoors, and most feature an attached garage.

 Check out this ranch we have listed in Grand Ledge, MI!   


Townhouse: Homes with multiple levels on smaller spaces of land make townhouses a unique breed. This could be perfect for someone who wants a traditional home style without the hassle of outdoor maintenance.

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Tudor: These homes are particularly popular in the Midwest because of their steep pitched roofs which are great for rain or snow. These roofs are generally multi-gabled with timber framing.

../../Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202017-01-26%20at%2012.34.16%20PM.p Check out this Tudor we have listed in Okemos, MI!


Victorian: These homes have a pretty complex design with their elegant trim, asymmetrical shape, vibrant colors, towers, and rooflines with many angles.

../../Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202017-01-26%20at%2012.28.02%20PM.p See this Victorian home we have listed in Leslie, MI!

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