How to Weather Proof Your Roof

Snow and ice are making their way into Michigan. While you may not be ready for their arrival, it's important that your roof is. Now is the time to get your roof inspected, before winter comes in full force. 

Ice damming is a real concern for those of us in the Midwest. Ice damming occurs when the sun starts to melt the lowest layer of snow on the roof. The water runs down the shingles into your gutters, and the water freezes in the gutters. As the ice builds in the gutters, it prevents water from running down your roof, and when this happens, the snow can melt up under your shingles causing a leak into your home. These are a few ways to prevent damage from occurring.


Bottom line: Inspect it. 

Look for damage and deterioration after snowstorms or during cold streaks. Remove excess snow buildups with a roof rake. Keep gutters clear throughout the winter to make sure the drainage system remains strong. 

If you find that your roof is damaged, call a professional. Roofs can be replaced, even in the winter.

Here are some recommendations for roofing/siding/window repairs includng roof snow removal from our concierge department:

Jimmerson Roofing 
John Jimmerson
OCD Builders LLC
Jon Shaw
Steve Reinke Builders
Steve Reinke
McCardel Restoration
Holly Petroff
Davis Construction & Restoration 
Bruce Davis
If you have any questions about our recommended vendors, please contact Linda VanAntwerp in our concierge department at (517) 699-6628 or at

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