How to Make Your Home More Cozy

Though we had a 70-degree day this week, things are supposed to start cooling down, which means it’s time to put your jammies on and snuggle up inside as the harsh winter rolls in. There’s nothing better than feeling cozy on a cold day, so here’s your list to help you have the coziest season yet!


Candles: Candles will make any home smell and feel cozier. If you pick a fall or winter scent like apple cinnamon or sweet vanilla, the smell alone will instantly make you feel at peace in your home. The candles will provide a soft light to accent your place and help heat the room up.


Dim Lighting: Making the light dimmer in your home will help set the mood for a cozy afternoon or evening. By adding big curtains to block the sun and some lamps with dimmers, your living room will be the perfect spot to relax and cuddle up for a movie. Streaming some white or multicolored Christmas lights around the room will also add some fun yet subtle lighting to your home.


Blankets: Heated blankets, down comforters, and plush throws are always a good addition to make your body and your home warmer. These fluffy and comfy accessories will be very appealing to your house guests, and will be perfect to snuggle up with when you want to hang out in the living room watching the snow fall or lay in bed with a holiday movie.


Fluffy Decor: Not only fluffy blankets are appreciated this season, but also other cozy decorative items like pillows and rugs. Anything that is soft on your skin and warm to the touch are things that will make your home cozier and more inviting for all. Adding a few of these will make your evening much more comfortable and relaxing, but be sure not to overdo the accents!


Big Furniture: Big beds and couches are often underrated. A huge soft bed and the perfect comfy couch are both things you will need to be able to curl up and enjoy your favorite indoor activities. Having furniture that is connected and large will make snuggling with pets and loved ones that much easier this season.


Warm Colors: Warm colors are perfect for the fall and winter months because they really do make you feel at home and cozy. Try not to use colors that are too bright or colors that are too cool, because they will make your home feel smaller and unappealing. Use reds and oranges with neutral brown, tan or green shades to complete the coziest look for your home. 

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