How to Attract Affluent Buyers

Affluent buyers in real estate often set the trends for the rest of the market. When selling your home, it is important to understand the group of buyers your type of home will attract. Making your home fit the wants and needs of affluent buyers will not only help your home sell faster, but will increase the overall value of your home. Here's what experts say affluent buyers want in a home.

Tech Friendly 

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular among the affluent community of buyers. Most won't consider a home "move-in ready" unless it has certain smart home features. Check out a few smart home options for your home here.

Bonus Rooms

The more space the better. Just make sure the room has a purpose. Additional rooms for entertaining such as a game/theater room or bar area are great features that attract affluent buyers. 

Up-To-Date Features

We mentioned that they won't move into a home that is not move-in ready, that's why it is important to have a well-upgraded home both inside and out. Upgrade to a double oven, granite counter tops and new appliances to please an affluent buyer. According to, 54% of luxury homebuyers want a chef's kitchen. 

Flashy Exterior Features

Pleasing an affluent buyer takes more than just landscaping your back yard. Hot tubs and outdoor fire places, pools, and tennis courts are all things an affluent buyer is looking for. 

While more square footage typically attracts affluent buyers, with the right amount of upscale amenities, you can attract luxury buyers regardless. While the needs of luxury buyers may change each year, these are the most common wishes over the last few years. 

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