How Often You Should Wash Your Linens

The influenza bug keeps going around as temperatures rise and sink on our way into spring. Keeping your home healthy starts with having healthy linens! Here are the recommended times to wash your sheets, towels, and more!

Bed Sheets: The Huffington Post recommends these get washed every one or two weeks, and even more if you’ve been sleeping on them while sick. Your sheets can be huge collectors of dust, debris, and sweat, but if you go to bed clean every night, you can consider skipping an extra week.

Bed Pillows: Pillows? Really? Yes, you have to wash your pillows. Though they have cases on, your sweat, skin, and dander can get down into them. CNN suggests that you wash these every 3-6 months, and says you can put them in your washer on a gentle cycle to get the job done!

Comforters: The Huffington Post says that you only have to wash these linens twice a year! If you get sick, or your comforter just doesn’t feel clean enough to you, try washing them every season instead.

Mattress: CNN advises that you clean your mattress every six months to avoid dust mites and bed bugs. You can vacuum and wipe down the top of the mattress gently with minimal water so no mold will grow.

Towels: Bath towels should be washed every 3-4 uses and hung to air dry properly after every shower. When it comes to hand towels, these should be washed every few days. They are usually in an area with high traffic and get wrapped up in the midst of everyone’s germs.

Bath Mats: Bath mats are another area for high traffic in the home and can rarely have time to fully dry. Put them in the washer every few weeks to avoid unwanted bacteria and nasty odors.

Curtains: These can be washed twice a year, Huffington Post says, unless you have allergies which might require a wash every season. Curtains usually only collect household dust, and are less prone to germs compared to other linens.

For more guidelines and directions on how to wash linens, you can visit Huffington Post or CNN.