Groovy Donuts Now Open in East Lansing

Just a few miles down the street from our East Lansing CBHB office, a new local donut shop had its grand opening this fall. Groovy Donuts made its debut in our part of town in September of 2016, and they’re sparking up some interest.


After about a year of doing business in their first store on Grand River Ave in Williamston, the shop owners decided it was time to expand their horizons and open up a second location on E Lake Lansing Road just west of the Hagadorn intersection.


Not only are their donuts groovy, they also come at a great price. They sell a variety of flavors with eye-catching designs, and fresh coffee as well. Additionally, according to the company’s Facebook page, their donuts are hand-made freshly every day. What more reason do you need to check them out? They’ve got many people in our office talking.


“Great donut! The best I have ever tasted,” said CBHB President Bill MacLeod. “I could be in trouble with them being this close to our CBHB East Lansing office. You have to try their apple fritters.”


The company will also be having Spartan alumnus Lorenzo White signing autographs this Saturday, October 29 from 8-10 am at the East Lansing location.


Having this shop so close to our office may be trouble for us, but it provides a great opportunity for you to pick up a few fresh and warm donuts after you come in to see us, and is yet another great reason to live in East Lansing. Check out what some of our colleagues have been raving about, and buy yourself a Groovy Donut today!