Dorm Room Essentials

Sending your kid off to college soon? Whether it's their first year or their last, moving to college is a big adjustment. Remember to pack these essentials to make their place feel just like home. 


Pillows, comforters, sheets and blankets are all an essential need! Often times, the dorm bed will will be extra long, meaning you will need special sheets. Contact your residence hall prior to move in to clarify. For extra comfort, it may be a good idea to purchase a mattress top/memory foam for heightened comfort. 

Tool Kit

They might not think they need this, until it's too late. You never know when you'll need a screw driver or a pair of pliers. 

Mini Fridge 

Depending on the number of people in the dorm, things can get crowded. A mini fridge is the perfect place to keep snacks and beverages. 

First Aid Kit

Better safe than sorry.

Storage Boxes and Containers

Dorms are small. Finding compact storage units will help to make for a more comfortable dorm living. Stackable cubes are perfect for under the bed, in the closet and more.

Desk Lamp

College will change your schedule completely. Studying will often be done well into the moonlight hours. If you have to share a room, this can become a problem. Purchase a desk lamp to help you study when your roommate is catching some z's.

Extension Cords / Power Strips

Four people, one room? Things will get crowded. Limit your wire crossings with extension cords and power strips. 

Drying Rack

Dorm dryers are probably small, meaning it will take a long time to dry your clothes. Make it easier on yourself and hang up some items on a drying rack. This will also help eliminate any shrinkage. 

Cold Medicine 

Stock up on various cold and flu medicines. You're about to be exposed to all new people and all new germs. 


Printers always break at the worst possible time. Some days you may not have time to the library to print your term paper. Having one on-hand will save you in a pinch.