Bringing Back Wallpaper…In Moderation

Wallpaper has kind of turned into a thing of the past. As someone who has worked countlessly to take down layer after layer of wallpaper in a home DIY project, I can see why using wallpaper could be a hassle to many. However, with the right technique, it can still provide a pop of color in most places. You can be the envy of all your house guests with some elegantly patterned, appropriately placed wallpaper.

Create an accent wall. Wallpaper covering a whole room can be pretty overwhelming, but wallpaper on one wall will give the room life while still keeping your eyes from going crazy.

Put it over your fireplace. If you’re not sure what to put over a big, beautiful fireplace, this might be the option for you. A chic and luxurious piece of wallpaper above the mantel can provide a smaller, yet powerful accent to the room and give your fires some more flare!

Put it on some shelves or cabinets. If the previous options were still too much wallpaper for your taste, consider taking it down a notch by dressing up your bland bookshelves or cabinets with some wallpaper on the inside. The background can provide a subtle and pretty design, while keeping the room primarily solid.

Frame it. Running out of cute pictures to hang? Try framing some different wallpaper designs and arranging them in a pattern on your wall. This is a quick and easy way to look like an interior design pro!

Bring your tables to life. Another quick, subtle, and simple way to use wallpaper in your home is to put a layer on the top of your end tables or coffee tables with a sheet of glass over them. This makes the room look less plain and allows for an easy way to change designs.