Advantages to Selling Your Home in the Winter

Selling your home in the winter may seem unappealing because of the cold weather and the lack of sunny days, but there are a couple huge advantages to selling at this time of year. Here’s what Brian Huggler, Associate Broker from our Stadium District Office, has to say about selling your home in the “off-season”.


The biggest advantage is that right after the first of the year, buyers generally start to look in anticipation of the spring market and there is not a lot of inventory right away.  “That is great for a seller because with less competition, they can potentially get a higher price,” said Huggler. “And, if there is less competition, buyers may be less concerned about repairs or deferred maintenance.”


There’s also an added benefit for homes that don’t have the best landscaping. Huggler said this makes winter a good time to sell because buyers are less focused on the garden and yard, and a blanket of snow may help cover some bland scenery.


If you’re still unconvinced that selling your home in the winter isn’t for you, Huggler said the biggest thing you can do to prepare your home for the spring market is to go through it and de-clutter.  “Get rid of anything that is not going to be taken with [you] on [your] move,” said Huggler. “It saves time later and makes the house show better.”


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