4 Winter Cleaning Tips You Need to Know!

Michigan has wild weather. It can be 45 and raining on Tuesday, and 12 degrees with snow on Wednesday. The winter season can wreak havoc on your home inside and out. Stay tidy with these tips:


Winterize Your Entry

Living in Michigan in the winter means your floors are trashed. Salt, snow, and even dirt gets tracked into the house at a much higher rate. To combat this, take the time to "winterize" your entryways. Place extra rugs and mats around entrances to keep your floors unharmed. Consider steam cleaning carpets twice a month to help them stay in good condition.


Change the Furnace Filters

During the winter it is important to clean or replace your furnace filter more often to ensure that it is easier for warm, clean air to circulate throughout the home. This will also save you money on your heating bill, as a clean filter allows your furnace to use less energy.


Dust and Reverse Ceiling Fans

Change the direction of your ceiling fans so that heat is distributed more effectively. 


Control Drafts

Doors and windows, especially in older homes, can create drafts. Drafts tend to be a huge waste of energy in many homes without a proper solution. You can DIY this with a rolled up towel at the bottom of the door or window to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.